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Many of us might have heard and come across this message that says, “Don’t tell your son that ladke rote nahi, rather tell him ‘ladke rulate nahi’” But have we ever thought that maybe somewhere down the line, we have always got the entire perspective wrong? Why is it that we only showcase women as […]


Human history is an interesting thing—every bit of it. From the evolution of man from apes to the discovery of fire and the invention of wheels to the later inventions and developments in science and technology, we have indeed come a long way. And the most fascinating of these is the invention of the internet. […]

Adaptive Learning – Technological aid to education here to stay

The education system across the globe is evolving to incorporate technology to reach higher levels of efficiency every day, while the technology itself is evolving to elevate the standards of education. In the process, a novel idea named Adaptive Learning has made its way into the system with the promise of a drastic impact on […]

The Roller-Coaster of an academic ride

For a deeper insight into the functional facets of the educational system and to introduce our readers to an inspiring personality who has thrived through more than twoIn a conversation spanning decades of her teaching and administrative experience, ePatra got into conversation with N. Lakshmi Shridhar, Principal, RV Group of Institutions, Bengaluru.Here’s what she had […]

A digital identity – decoding the distinct features

Identity in the modern world; be it for an individual, an institution, or a brand is almost impossible to define without a digital counterpart. If you do not exist on the internet, you almost do not exist, and gone are the days when you could hope to fight that assumption. Through its journey of intent, […]

Online classes – heralding the long awaited revival

Among many things, COVID-19 has slapped priorities straight around the world and a lot of aspects that were formerly overlooked have now been thrust into the periphery of our conscience. The necessity for the education system to be prepared for unprecedented challenges like this one is one such aspect. In the past year, the education […]

Independence Day 2021 – Also marking the liberation of the education system

For the first time since the inception of modern education in this country, there’s a wind of change. Sure, the education system has evolved with the country’s progress, but the good old academic excellence mantra has yet to remain static despite the many accusations against it from students and parents of students. Finally, however, the […]