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Human history is an interesting thing—every bit of it. From the evolution of man from apes to the discovery of fire and the invention of wheels to the later inventions and developments in science and technology, we have indeed come a long way. And the most fascinating of these is the invention of the internet. How astonishing it is, indeed, to think that with just an internet connection, the whole world is at your fingertips. Today, it is definitely impossible to imagine a life without the internet, as it has now become an integral part of our everyday lives—both personal and professional. From accessing news from across the world to saturating business online to sending a simple ‘hi’ to friends, the internet does it all in a jiffy. The leading search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, are always a go-to for people with questions and curiosity. And it doesn’t end here, because we now have new media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and many more from which we can not only access information but also share it. Through the internet, we build connections that we never thought we would have as well. The internet has become a powerful tool whereby every person seeks information, communication, and entertainment. The Internet as a Medium of Education As much as it is an effective tool of communication, with the onset of the pandemic, the internet is now considered a very crucial instrument of education, as well. Though there was widespread use of the internet for educational purposes such as gathering information for assignments, seminars, projects, dispute resolution, etc., it is the necessity that the pandemic posed for alternative methods of education that have boosted the use of the internet in the fields of education and entertainment. The internet has become an integral part of our life more than it ever was, and the field of education, especially, has swung to the many benefits that it poses. Many believe that the purpose of the internet has always been education, as it is basically a tool for communication, information flow, and awareness.