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Adaptive Learning – Technological aid to education here to stay

The education system across the globe is evolving to incorporate technology to reach higher levels of efficiency every day, while the technology itself is evolving to elevate the standards of education. In the process, a novel idea named Adaptive Learning has made its way into the system with the promise of a drastic impact on young minds’ relationship with technology-based learning. As the name suggests, adaptive learning is a system that adapts and evolves as per the capabilities of every individual student. The underlying concept is that every child is different and the traditional system of mass education is no longer efficient in the specialized world. Adaptive learning, thus, comes into the picture as a means of individualistic learning through which students can learn and master at their own pace and interest. The system of adaptive learning transforms students from mere receivers to interactive contributors in the education system. Computers are programmed to collect active and passive feedback and restructure learning methods and materials based on that feedback in ways that can be fruitful to the maximum extent. Active feedback is collected through students’ responses to the tests and questions posed to them, while passive feedback methodology keeps track of the learning curve of the student and intelligently analyses the student’s needs and preferences. Adaptive learning technology can find its implementation value in all levels of education, from primary to higher education and even corporate training. This alleviates the pressure of mass learning and the obligation on the part of students to learn and pass tests in subjects that they’re not interested in. With technological means of providing individual attention, institutions can allocate manpower to improve the academic material and administrative measures further.