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The first step towards simplification is to understand where the complications lie. We gauge all the institutional processes – however small or big – to understand the overall structure and functioning of the institution so that we can come up with the best possible automation solutions for your campus, exclusively.
Once there is clarity regarding the processes, the next step involves identification of problems. Here, we examine the merits and demerits involved in each process to get first-hand information as to what are the primary challenges that they face and to what extent these problems affect the overall learning experience.
The next step is to tackle these challenges. It involves simplification of tasks and determining how automation can be implemented to resolve them. Through our automation system, we ensure that the input once fed is easily retrieved for all future references, thus cutting down on not only the effort but also the cost involved.
Once we diagnose, define and dissect the problems, we go on to draft an automation system that suits your institution the best. Our flexible modules can be sculpted to requirements. Further, this digital infrastructure employs the latest available methodologies and frameworks ensuring easy access and simpler technicalities.
Lastly, we implement our tool into your campus’ management as an innovative, comprehensive, productive, and efficient instrument that integrates all the individual departments of your institution under a single, digital infrastructure and is made available to you with cutting-edge ERP at a competitive price.

We Provide


Retain student, staff and managerial data with ease. Also, know who, why and from where is looking for you.
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Financial Section

Manage all the financial processes within the institution through simpler, swifter and secure system.
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Generation and distribution of study certificates and TCs is now easier than ever with eGenius.
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Integrate all your interactions across participant groups to function swiftly and receive timely inputs.
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Schedule Planner

With eGenius’ aid, get your action sequences and annual planners done right.
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Unite and configure all the essentials of the learning environment to enhance the educational experience.
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All the important academic activities can now be securely recorded and easily retrieved.
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We provide A-Z automation of the entire management process for all individualised parts of your institution.
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Configure and organise all that is about your institution and the academic year.
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