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A digital identity – decoding the distinct features

Identity in the modern world; be it for an individual, an institution, or a brand is almost impossible to define without a digital counterpart. If you do not exist on the internet, you almost do not exist, and gone are the days when you could hope to fight that assumption. Through its journey of intent, social media management, and digital optimization for educational institutions, it has been discovered that there are a few factors that underline the need for a digital identity in the academic sphere.
Access to information What defines the education sector today better than the vast and varied database of information that the producers of knowledge choose to store in, and is named the internet? Digital identity allows you to customize and gives you access to an unlimited supply of information and knowledge. Enrichment of the knowledge base is neither stagnant nor full, and the freedom and authority to add credible value to the existing world of information are no short of a privilege. From e-journals to social media posts, the knowledge base receives and emulates your academic value.
Unlimited creative exploration In the virtual world built on search engines, web development codes, and social media, there are no limitations when it comes to creative exploration. Every form of talent and practically every form of creative execution has a platform and an audience. The world is an oyster of digital media.
If you do it right with expert help, it is bound to stand out and make an impact. The internet is a massive space, and everyone is looking for new and impactful voices every day. Definitely not a platform to be missed out on. On par with the best, eGenius makes it a point to keep a tab on the world’s best educational institutions, their advancements, and their communication in the digital world, which has made us believe that every single institution in the world is now capable of standing on par with the world’s best. A digital identity is far gone from being an added advantage and has irrefutably turned into a necessity—more so for the academic sector, where all advancements are pioneered.