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What is the eGenius Hostel Management Module?

For an institution, running a hostel is a tiresome task. Manually monitoring the mess, visitor records, fees, checking for available rooms, assigning rooms to new students, and other hostel management-related tasks requires time, effort, and resources. Designed & developed keeping in mind all the hostel management concerns of staff, eGenius’ Hostel Management Module is a one-stop solution for educational institutions. Right from students’ registration to allocating rooms & mess, managing student records, and ins and outs of students, it streamlines & automates all the day-to-day hostel activities. 

Why choose eGenius?

A wide variety of hostel administration modules are offered by eGenius, which makes it easier to capture and track information in a safe and secure manner, hence lowering errors. It can be set up for use by numerous users on both the hostel’s internal servers and the web server. Hostel management software from eGenius is a flexible and useful solution because it allows management total control over a hostel’s boarding operations.

The eGenius hostel management module offers capabilities that allow for the creation of detailed blocks and floors. The required floor room numbers are generated automatically on a list. The system accepts and maintains the applications. 

A Parent app is available from eGenius for parents. Parents can access information about their child’s activities in the hostel from here. Through this app, they can communicate with the warden. It gives parents reassurance regarding their children’s welfare and living circumstances. 

Because of its excellent versatility, the software is adaptable and may be changed to suit the hostel’s needs. With the aid of this program, not only are the hostels and the students connected, but the parents can also connect, keep informed about the activities, and occasionally monitor the data of their children.

Features Of Hostel Management Software
Room Allocation

The staff can define room allocation rules and allot vacant rooms to students depending on their requirements in real-time. The student hostel management software also enables the wardens to transfer students’ rooms in case of any discrepancy.

Visitor Management

A hostel’s grounds can only be entered by those who are authorised, thanks to hostel management software, which maintains track of visitors, their purpose for visiting, and their relationship to the resident student.

SMS & Email Notifications

Thanks to the SMS & email notification functionality built into the hostel management software, administrators can send reminders, information about fees, and other information to students and parents on their registered numbers and email addresses.

Admissions & Fees Management

The software fully automates the registration of students and the collection of fees. Through the login page for the hostel administration software, students from any place can submit an online request to use the hostel amenities.

Mess Management

The software assists in effectively administering the hostel by automatically calculating and keeping track of hostel expenses, dues, etc. This module can be integrated into the institution’s ERP system for simpler student fee management.

Gate Pass

Students need to have an active gate pass in order to leave the hostel. One of the most significant responsibilities of the hostel administration is to grant gate permits to students for legitimate reasons and to keep track of them. The hostel management system develops a feature to issue a fair gate pass and validate it so that there is no unauthorized access because this may affect the students’ security.

Benefits Of Hostel Management Software
Student Security

•Ensures transparency and complete student security on the hostel campus by keeping track of students’ arrival and departure times, visitors’ names and other details, and attendance.

Automation Of Tasks

• It facilitates the streamlining of various aspects of the hostels, including admission, fee administration, room assignment, and others. The ability to pay fees online saves parents from having to wait in queues. Additionally, the management can easily keep track of fee collection.

Student Data Management

• Keeps a central database with each student’s personal data, including name, address, contact information for their legal guardian, etc. The hostel warden and other authorities are constantly in possession of the data. The entire procedure is automated, making it both time and resource-efficient. Also, because the application is cloud-based, student data is protected from application defects and environmental risks.

The eGenius Hostel Management System Software is a full set made with the intention of providing the best and most advanced solution for hostel management and student care. The ERP allows simple connectivity with robust security and privacy features by offering online integrated information about students to the Hostel managers as well as the parents.

More than 300 institutions have already benefited from the range of solutions we provide. If you represent a college, school, or PU and would like to view a free demonstration of our services, please contact us via our Contact Us page.