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‘Things Fall Apart’ is a classic that keeps you hooked till the very last page.  

Beginning with a description of how our male lead, Okonkwo rises to prominence in his ibo or clan, the novel brings to you many pages of interesting facts and situations. Okonkwo knows how to wrestle and hustle; and all he aspires to be is not to be like his father – lazy and poor. Thus he strives hard to overcome poverty and gain respect. Being a warrior with a great record, he is one of the most regarded members of his clan. With three wives, several children and good profit in agriculture, everything is going right for him – until Ikemefuna comes into Okonkwo’s life as a responsibility of the clan – a boy exchanged as a gift to resolve inter-tribal conflict. What happens then?

The book is definitely going to be a great read for two reasons. One, it brings to you the real Africa, from the perspective of a native. Throughout, Chinua Achebe depicts the customs and practises among the ibos and portrays the rich cultural heritage of the Igbos. It is a break away from the preconceived notions of what Africa was said to be to what it actually is. Secondly, because we believe you too will be as smitten with Okonkwo and Ikemefuna, as we were!