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SMARTICLES – The Very Welcome Tool!

News, these days, are aplenty and come to us from many different sources. But what keeps us puzzled at times is where to read the ‘facts’ from. Smarticles, a venture by the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education in partnership with EdTech Reading Right is a very welcome move, that not only lets the students learn the right facts but also do so in the simplest possible manner. 

In this innovative method of reading news articles, the complicated terms and jargon used in newspapers are simplified such that students can easily digest the given content. Plus, the whole news article can be deciphered in four modes – text, image, audio, and video. 

The service is available free of cost for students for a period of one year and can be availed across mobile phones and web versions. Reading Right is, now, available only for courses under APSCHE. However, it would prove to be a very useful tool, with its many features, to students across the country.