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Issue 24


Education Resource illustrates how modern cloud-based financial systems may increase productivity, cut costs, and lead to success.

  • Cutting back on the time that teachers spend on administration

Teachers should spend planning, preparation, and assessment time to get better at their best: learning the curriculum, grading and overseeing students’ work, and creating instructional materials. When ordering materials to complement their lectures, teachers can save time by using a purchase-to-payment cycle that is streamlined by a strong financial management system. Teachers can choose their supplies from the websites of various merchants using these systems, which use “punchout” technology, and click “buy” without ever having to bother about logging and managing the purchase. Any chance to assist teachers in concentrating on their students should be taken.

  • Monetary savings

Many daily financial tasks can frequently be completed more effectively. Time can be saved in the school office by simply avoiding inputting the same information more than once or by decreasing the paper trail. The cost of an invoice is reduced thanks to automated purchase invoice processing, which enables authorized suppliers to use an invoicing format that inserts data directly into a school’s financial system. Savings that emerge from that can then go toward helping students.

  • Cloud technology

It can take days to generate the accounting and budget projections for required Education reports, and software may no longer support the most recent submission format. Remotely adding modifications and updates to these reports is made possible by cloud software, streamlining the procedure and lowering the possibility of errors. Combining information from business and financial managers in individual schools may be a laborious operation in big quantities; cloud technology makes this considerably easier, freeing up important time and resources at the academy level, and decreasing the workload.

There are several places where the savings (both financial and time) surpass the initial expenditure when looking more closely at the benefits of a contemporary, cloud-based finance system. Technology can aid in efficient budget planning and support decision-making by administrators based on factual information.

Why eGenius HRMS?

One of the main reasons people choose to work in a school environment – at all levels, not just in the classroom – is to have a good, meaningful impact on the student’s experience, well-being, educational outcomes, and preparation for society. On these results, effective financial management can have a significant effect.

Contrary to the majority of HRMS programs on the market, eGenius is dedicated to offering solutions that are tailored to the organizational/institutional structure. As a result, you can customize the program to meet your unique needs rather than changing your organization’s working methods to accommodate the capabilities of the software. The reason eGenius distinguishes out in the industry is the possibility to have features tailored to your particular demands.


Reader's Corner


It is a straightforward parable that conveys important concepts. It is the amusing and instructive tale of four characters who reside in a maze and seek out cheese in order to eat and be happy. Cheese is a metaphor for anything you want in life, such as a fulfilling career, a loving relationship, wealth or material goods, excellent health, or mental peace of spirit. You search in the maze for what you desire, either in the company you work for, your family, or the neighbourhood where you reside.

The issue is that the cheese is constantly shifting. The people in the novel encounter unexpected shift while looking for the cheese. One of them eventually adjusts to change successfully and leaves his lessons for you to find on the maze walls. You’ll gain the ability to anticipate, adapt to, and appreciate change as well. This narrative, suitable for all ages, can be read in less than an hour, but its original insights will stick with you forever.


In today’s rapidly progressing world of modernization and digitalization, the introduction of technology in every field or sector is becoming crucial. Exciting technological advancements are happening every day which are benefiting humans in every aspect of their lives.

Education is one such field that is welcoming technology adoption positively. As the pandemic affected people all over the world, schools were closed as part of lockdown measures to contain the virus, disrupting academics. To continue academics, educational institutions used ICTs to connect virtually with students and teachers.

With the role of technology becoming more significant than ever, technology adoption will become a new reality for teaching and learning processes.

The introduction of technology has greatly improved the level of communication and collaboration. Edtech has also boosted communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.

With a great asset, students will be able to overcome difficulties and put their skills to better use. Although technology has many advantages, it cannot replace humans because humans are always required for decision-making, supervision, and ideation.


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We are in midst of EdTech revolution

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