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Whether you are an educational institution or a business organization; keeping a tab on your Staff/Employee group can be a tiresome process without a proper tool. Thanks to cloud-based HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software by eGenius, a smart & convenient way of managing as well as monitoring the activities of the workforce of your institution/organization.


A to Z of HR Activities

eGenius HRMS offers an interface with modules to manage all the activities of the HR department. Starting from the recruitment process until the exit of an employee from your organization, the complete life-cycle of employees can be managed using this system. Some of the activities that you can manage and track using eGenius HRMS are:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll Management
  • Training
  • Attendance
  • Certificates & Letters
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Performance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Notice Board & Notifications


Stay Connected with Employees

As an organization, it is very crucial that you stay connected with your staff/employees so they are updated with current & latest information about their workplace. eGenius HRMS provides access to your employees to log in to your organization’s HRMS portal so they are in sync with your organization’s policies & processes at all times. You can post key updates on the notice board section that your employees can view on their dashboards. Whether it is a new policy announcement, announcing rewards & top performers, or setting new expectations with your teams; with eGenius HRMS your employees will never miss an update or information again.


Quick & Convenient

eGenius HRMS enables your HR department to perform their important & priority tasks online from anywhere. Whether it is processing salaries, recruiting new employees, issuing letters or certificates, or even scheduling training sessions; these time-consuming tasks can be performed easily with few clicks under respective modules.


Your Employees can apply for leaves, check their leave balance, download payslips or raise your queries/concerns with HR conveniently from anywhere. So the amount of time your HR & employees get to save by doing things online will contribute to improving productivity at the workplace.


Why eGenius HRMS?

Unlike most HRMS software out there, eGenius believes in providing solutions specific to the work setup of an organization/institution. So you can fine-tune the software to meet your specific requirements rather than adjusting your organization’s working style to fit the features available in the software. The option to get features customized to your specific needs is why eGenius stands out in the market.


Reader's Corner


This book’s central theme is discovering one’s purpose or destiny in life. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho wrote this novel, which was initially written and published in Portuguese. It is a global bestseller that has so far been interpreted into more than 70 different languages. The book is only about 167 pages long, which is not very long.

Santiago, a shepherd child from Spain, is the subject of the tale. He frequently has the same dream about treasures hidden in Egyptian pyramids.

Perfect word choice, loaded with knowledge and philosophy. The narrative is incredibly alluring and brims with hope, which is crucial in our daily lives. The path to your purpose is just as vital as the destination itself, the book demonstrates.


The University Grants Commission (UGC) said that over 23,000 higher education courses, including those on artificial intelligence, cyber security, and early childhood care, will now be offered free of charge on a new web portal. The portal will be unveiled on Friday as part of the second anniversary of the National Education Policy-2020, with the goal of reducing the digital divide and improving access to higher education in rural areas of the nation.

As of the upcoming academic session of 2022–2023, these courses will be offered thanks to a partnership between the UGC and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to integrate the e-resources with their more than 7.5 lakh Common Service Centers (CSC) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) centers.

The CSC’s mission is to give citizens, particularly those in rural India, access to digital technology and to bring e-government services to their front door. More than 5 lakh CSC-SPV centers are operational throughout the nation, and about 2.5 lakh CSCs and SPVs are in use in Gram Panchayats. The CSCs and SPVs are run and managed by entrepreneurs who are referred to as “village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs)” since they are a part of the neighborhood. The centers are run by VLEs who make a career by providing online services. These facilities are equipped with computers and internet access.

There are 23,000 postgraduate courses, 137 SWAYAM MOOC courses in new fields, and 25 SWAYAM courses that are not in engineering. These can be accessed for free on the UGC platform. Every course is free. However, a user must pay a price of Rs 20 per day or Rs 500 per month to use the services and infrastructure of CSC/SVP in order to cover the cost of the infrastructure and the effort put forth by the VLE. 


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