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Issue 21


In any organization or institution, the work efficiency or performance of employees or staff, or students is of the utmost priority in order to succeed in the industry. But your workforce needs certain tools to accomplish their tasks successfully without hindrances. These necessary tools become important assets for the organization in a long run. So it is important that you ensure these assets work best to their ability at all times and are well taken care of.

What are these assets?

Every tool or object that is at disposal of your employees or staff is considered an asset. The computer systems, printer, pens, papers, notice boards, chalkboards, desks, benches, projectors, lab equipment, light bulbs, fan, air conditioner, water dispenser and even the chair that you sit on; are all considered assets. And these assets come at a price that adds to the overall investment of a company or an institution. Keeping track of all these assets and ensuring they are in good condition is very important but can be a challenging task without the right tool.


Asset Management Software

Thanks to Asset Management software by eGenius that makes monitoring the health and condition of assets in your organization an easy deal. The software is equipped with all the essential features that add value to your assets and help you from losses that occur from loss or damage to them. 

Asset Tracking

With eGenius Asset Management, you can categorically list all your assets with the date of purchase, cost, warranty period, scheduled maintenance, repair, service, and even the location of each asset. With the option to map each asset with specific users, you will be able to add accountability on loss or damage. This allows you to ensure the ethical use of each asset in your institution and prevent misuse or abuse of the assets; thereby avoiding any financial losses.


Always have the Best Tools

With the help of QR code stickers on assets, you can instantly scan & get to know all details of each asset on your smartphone. This information tells you about the physical condition of an asset, who all have used it and for what purposes, when is it due to service or replacement, etc. This ensures that you do not have any damaged or poor-quality assets that hamper the quality of performance of your employees, staff, or even your students, in the case of educational institutions. Since you can set the age limit of each asset, you will be notified when to dispose of an asset that is of no good use anymore. And disposal of certain assets such as furniture, chemicals in the lab, safety equipment, etc, after a specific duration ensures the safety & security of your staff, employees, and/or students at your organization/institution.

So, if you are an organization that wants to ensure that the highest quality of the facility is maintained at all times, Asset Management software by eGenius is all you need to crack it.


Reader's Corner


The iconic book The One Minute Manager continues to influence workplace culture. In order to spend the least amount of time managing their staff, managers will learn how to generate exceptional results from them. The book discusses three useful management approaches, such as one-minute goal setting, one-minute praising, and one-minute reprimanding, to increase productivity and revolutionize a business.

One-minute goal setting is a fundamental principle that around 80% of your results come from 20% of your aims. The one-minute praise follows. If someone executes their job well, they should have a deep sense of accomplishment. The final tactic is a one-minute reprimand, which requires the manager to provide feedback to a select group of employees who made mistakes while doing their duties. These three straightforward yet powerful strategies could have a profound impact on the development of both individuals and organizations.


Many people who are constructing or remodeling homes currently use natural, environmentally friendly materials like marble and granite. As a first step toward using these materials for energy storage, researchers have developed micro-supercapacitors on the surface of stone tiles. The devices revealed in ACS Nano may easily be scaled up to construct customized 3D power supplies and are resilient.

A copper oxide nanoparticle solution was patterned into two comb-like sides with spaced-apart prongs on a marble tile by the researchers. A near-infrared laser was used to focus on the nanoparticles, resulting in the creation of pure copper electrodes that were porous, highly conductive, and tightly adhered to the stone’s surface.

The researchers created an anode on one electrode using manganese oxide, and a cathode on the other using iron oxide. Lithium perchlorate and a polymer solution were used to create the electrolyte layer that connected the electrodes. In tests, even after 4,000 charge-discharge cycles, the gadget still had a considerable energy storage capacity. A three-by-three array of micro-energy devices was able to store the energy needed to illuminate an LED. The energy storage devices made of stone could be quickly regenerated and were particularly resistant to damaging impacts. Scientists believe that stone micro-energy systems could offer highly effective, adaptable, and readily available power from natural building materials.


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