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Issue 20


Internet & Technology is now within the reach of every common man worldwide. This reach has influenced and created a vast demand across the globe for organizations of all sectors & sizes to have a digital presence. And this digital presence is no more just an option but a very basic necessity in order for your customers & stakeholders to stay connected with you. And, educational institutions are no exception from this necessity as parents of today’s generation want to keep a tab on the performance and activities of their kids at schools & colleges.

Choose The Right Technology Partner

The increase in demand for technology services globally has made way for thousands of EduTech (Education Technology) Companies around the world. So the task for an institution in finding an ERP or any other tech solution provider is effortless. But there are several factors that you must consider if you want your institution to gain the best benefits of owning technology. 


It is not news that parents of today’s generation rely mainly on searching for information about schools & colleges for their kids’ education, on the internet using google search. So no doubt that your institution must have a basic digital presence of a website. And a website or the domain name in the name of your institution adds great value to the identity of your institution’s brand. So look for a technology partner who gives provides ERP on the domain name of your institution. Most companies provide these ERP services on their own domains with the secret intent of promoting their own brand. 

An example below to explain how branding works at the website level:

Your Institution Name: ABC

Technology Partner Company Name: XYZ

The website URL(address) of your institution will be: xyz.abc.com 

So, in this case, your institution’s identity is not benefited 100% and that can directly affect the chances of your institution showing in google search results; should you opt for SEO or marketing services in the future. Companies like eGenius register an exclusive domain in your institution’s name and host the ERP software on that domain. The mobile app on play store and iOS store is launched with your institution’s branding too. So the identity of your institution’s brand is kept intact and helps you gain more attention on the online platforms.

Buy Solution; Not Product

Most technology companies are keen on promoting their products and often fail to meet the expectations of your institution. So, it is important that you always look for companies like eGenius that do not sell a product but give you solutions based on specific problem statements of your institution and its stakeholders. Such solutions result in directly empowering your institution to become a “Smart Campus”, which is one of the preferences of parents as well as students these days.

Well-Equipped Support System

A technology solution should always be backed by a strong support system. A company that provided dedicated support to your institution can help you enable your staff, students, parents & stakeholders to adapt to technology through training activities. eGenius, with its dedicated service team, ensures all your queries, concerns & requirements are heard and taken care of. 


Reader's Corner


Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki, is the most selling financial book of all time. The author recounts a childhood scenario in which he claims to have had two fathers: one, his biological father, who had a Ph.D. but was financially struggling, and another, his friend’s father, a school dropout who was wealthy.
This book explains how his ‘Rich Dad’ educated him about money and how he might achieve financial freedom instead of working a 9-to-5 job by establishing passive income and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. This story will change your perspective on how money is made and why certain people, no matter how well educated, stay impoverished.
The author criticizes the educational system for instilling in students an employee mindset rather than a business mindset.


The world is looking at India in the EdTech field after it received its 101st unicorn in PhysicsWallah last week, continuing a wave of EdTech unicorns — Byjus, Unacademy, UpGrad, Eruditus, and LEAD.
What accounts for the quick growth of these Indian EdTech startups is their effective delivery techniques for better learning outcomes in multiple languages and formats with their innovative, personalized, and tech-driven learning products. They have strong product technology and R&D teams that focus on students, identifying and solving their learning needs at every stage, customizing, and assisting them in making the transition from passive to active learning.
What accounts for the quick growth of these Indian EdTech startups is their effective delivery approaches for superior learning outcomes in different languages and formats with their unique, customized, and tech-driven learning products. They have excellent product technology and R&D teams that focus on students, identifying and responding to their learning needs at every level, customizing, and assisting them in transitioning from passive to active learning. Collaboration with EdTech could benefit NEP in a variety of areas, including data, location-specific strategies, and curricula to meet the rapidly changing needs of the job market. Partnerships have been established with the NITI Aayog, state governments, and West Asian countries, among others.
India is on the verge of a new revolution. It can meet the needs of developing countries and truly take center stage as the world’s education leader with its new soft but powerful power, which is in high demand around the world.


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We are in midst of EdTech revolution

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