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Certification by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) is no more just an option but mandatory for institutions offering higher education. So it is crucial that you aim for the ultimate A++ grade in order to become one of the top institutions in India.
In order to keep up with the standards set by the NAAC, you need to constantly monitor & audit your institution to ensure all the guidelines set by NAAC are met. Most institutions struggle to keep track of these criteria, indicators, and metrics that need to be met to score the dream grade. Thanks to Cloud-Based NAAC Software that makes it easy to keep a tab on NAAC readiness from anywhere, anytime.

» Track Your Institution Performance
With online NAAC software, IQAC(Internal Quality Assurance Cell) at institutions can now run the quality audits and examinations of all departments at regular intervals. With scorecards displayed on the software dashboard, you know where you stand and what are the areas yet to improve to get a better grade. Since access to this software can be given to all stakeholders, they can update the required data & information instantly when needed and IQAC can get quick access to that data and measure the performance as on date.

» Data Management
NAAC requires that you maintain data, information, and documentary evidence related to all aspects of an institution including its staff/employees, students, parents & other stakeholders. But the software is usually equipped with features to allow you to upload or download data & documents anytime. With access control, you can allow or deny access to these crucial data to anyone inside or outside the institution.

» ICT Enabled Institutions
ICT or Information & Communication Technology enabled institutions often grab more attention since data & information are readily available anytime. Having NAAC-enabled ERP software at your institution can enhance your digital presence and attract more admissions. Be it academic activities of your students & faculty or administrative activities of your institution by your staff/employees, everything can be conveniently managed & tracked on the ERP software.

» Consolidation and Reports
Consolidation of data received from different departments and branches of your institution is no more a time-consuming activity. Since access is provided to each responsible department/person, the consolidation is automated and reports are available instantly as soon as your staff enters the data. So you can save a huge amount of time from report generation activity.

» Information is Safe & Secure
With NAAC software, your institution data & information are completely encrypted and only the people you authorize can have access to it. Login to the software is secured with a 2-Step verification method for every user that requires them to input the password followed by an OTP received on their email ID or mobile phone. And since data is stored digitally on a secure cloud server, there is no threat of loss or damage to it.


Reader's Corner


A narrative of astonishing strength and brilliant suspense about what it means to be completely alive, from one of the world’s most widely read authors.
Jonathan Landry is a troubled man. Jonathan is motivated to go across the globe after a strange encounter with his long-lost cousin Julian Mantle —a former high-powered trial lawyer who mysteriously vanished into the Himalayas—to gather the life-saving letters that contain the incredible revelations that Julian found.
The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari takes you on a unique adventure that includes excursions to the sensual tango halls of Buenos Aires, the eerie catacombs of Paris, the shining towers of Shanghai, and the breathtakingly gorgeous Taj Mahal in India.


In the purest sense of the term, personalized learning is a tautology. Without being personalized for the learners, no learning has ever been effective. Due to technology limitations and resource constraints in the past, the teaching-learning process remained community-oriented. It’s also important to recognize that community or group learning has advantages, such as peer learning, idea exchange, and meeting socio-emotional requirements.
Various people have different learning methods. Each student has his or her own learning style. Visualizing (watching videos helps in learning), listening (listening and repeating many times for better learning), speaking (reading out loud to ensure mental retention), and writing down a few times and practicing many problems to ensure learning retention are the four broad
categories through which learners learn. These are tried-and-true learning methods that have been used for decades. In such a setting, updated technology and different media can aid offer learning in a cost-effective manner.


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