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Issue 16

How online mock tests can improve student performance in exams?

Mock tests are nothing but essential practice papers that are developed entirely based on the most recent format and syllabus in the respective examinations. These mock tests are one of the best preparations through which a student can analyse and evaluate their real potential.

Mocks are much of a muchness to the actual examinations, facing mocks would provide students with an idea of what kind of questions can be expected on the final main examinations. Mock exams will acquaint the students with the actual exam’s syllabus, format, and difficulty level. Here are some r e a sons why mock tests are important for every exam and how they may help students improve their exam performance. Practice Makes Man Perfect – As the well-known saying goes “Practice Makes Man Perfect”, Practising Mock tests distinguish the normal students from the winners in any examinations. One cannot actually know how superioror inferior their performance would be irrespective of the extent of their preparations until any student takes up mock tests hence any students may use the practice tests/mock test to develop strategies, arrange their study schedule, and ensure that their preparation is up to par.

Have a notion of what to anticipate in examinations – Mock tests will acquaint any students with the actual exam’s syllabus, format, and difficulty level. Through a thorough study of their performance in each mock, mocks will also aid in the development of the right preparation strategy. It’s critical to provide simulated exams that are on par with the real thing.

Right Time Management – When it comes to tracking any competitive examinations or just the annual class examinations, time management is a key and an imperative element. It is quite tough to attempt all questions in the allotted time due to the importance of precision. As a result, taking more and more mock tests will be beneficial and help students improve their final exam scores.

Helps in identifying one’s excel and fall behind sections – After a few mock tests, any students will be able to analyse which sections they are strong and in which they are weak, as well as which topics in each section are simpler and which are more challenging. One would get an idea on which topics to focus more, also the report that results after each mock test will aid in recognizing concept-wise and section- wise analysis in order to estimate one’s accuracy.

Reduce Pre-exam Anxiety – As Mock tests are similar to real exams, once any student has completed enough mock tests, they will have an idea of what to expect in the real exam this makes students feel calmer and helps them to be at peace and when students score well enough in the mock tests, it builds the confidence in them and reduces any kind of anxiety and provides the ability to perform well in the actual exams.

Allows access to oneself and aids in keeping a track of progress – Students should take the time after each test to comprehend and analyse their mistakes. To completely comprehend the material, one must attentively read each part. When taking these examinations, students should first try to solve each question in a variety of ways before looking for solutions, also keeping a track of the scores that has been resulted for a respective student in their appeared mock tests helps students actually improve their understanding of the needs and concepts and emphasis on it.


Reader's Corner

‘TURNING POINTS’ by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

‘Turning Points’ continues to narrate the journey of ‘The Missile Man of India’ from where the previous book ‘Wings Of Fire’ left off. This exquisitely written narration opens up to new discoveries about the man himself, his journey, the achievements and dearth therein.

The book focuses on Dr.Kalam’s vision of India 2020 and the efforts imperative to achieve it. It is also in this book that Kalam speaks of the controversies that emerged and surrounded him during his tenure as the President of India.

While ‘Wings of Fire’ is awe-inspiring, ‘Turning Points’ calls out to the citizens of India to arise and contribute their bit towards nation- building. Though we are well past 2020, we still have to step up for Dr. Kalam’s vision of ‘India – A Developed Nation’. If we all start working toward the goal, we will realise that we are not far from our destiny and it is within reach.


University Grants Commission Chairman M Jagdeesh Kumar, on Tuesday, declared that students will now be permitted to study two full-time degree programmes in physical mode at the same or separate universities at the same time. He added that further specific instructions and information regarding the same will be furnished by the UGC in the near future.

He said that as announced in the STUDENTS CAN SIMULTANEOUSLY PURSUE TWO FULL-TIME DEGREE PROGRAMMES: UGC ‘TURNING POINTS’ by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam new National Education Policy, UGC is formulating new guidelines to allow students to acquire multiple skills. Allowing a student to pursue double – degrees simultaneously, both in physical mode, would be one of the important steps taken in this regard. At the same time, he also stated that students can also pursue two full-time degrees concurrently in hybrid mode,
that is one in physical and the other in online format, too.


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