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Issue 13


Stress/anxiety is frequent among students during examinations, and while a little stress may be beneficial where it can serve as a motivator to study more, it can be complex and serious to tackle when stress levels escalate.

However these days, the current situation has added levels to this stress , creating a confusion of having an online or an offline examination, discussions on the impact, merits & demerits of having an online or an offline examination due to which students are more worried about the outcome of the examination rather than focusing on the preparations of the examination.

Let’s have a look at a few strategies for reducing anxiety and stress of the examination.

Having a good routine is essential

Maintain a daily pattern by eating and sleeping at around the same times with a regular physical routine. It’s lot easier to deal with stress and worry when your bodies have the fuel and nourishment they need, and getting a good night’s sleep may help you remember what you’ve learned. Additionally, incorporating exercise/physical activity into your daily routine is critical since it will leave you feeling calm, rested, and energised for hours.

Always remember to breathe

Reserve your couple minutes to practice mindfulness techniques like breathing exercises, , a 10 minute calm mind might help you settle down your stress reaction and bring your focus back to the present moment. As a result, you’ll have more time to think about your anxieties objectively, break away from negative thinking patterns, prepare for a large number of examinations, and begin more effective revision.

Fix few clear and realistic goals

Firstly plan, whether you have a few weeks, days, or hours left for your examinations and set realistic goals, accordingly which will help you keep things in perspective. Understanding your circumstances and working within them allows you to maximise your productivity while avoiding burnout.


Being positive or having positive thoughts is the best way to keep stress levels low and perform better in examinations, these positive ideas or boosting remarks and affirmations enables you combat your fear and any other negative thoughts.

Combine Studies

Revising with your friends or classmates is a beneficial study strategy since it allows people to better understand their own notes. Furthermore, increased self-assurance and autonomy are two emotional benefits of social support. Additionally, social support provides emotional advantages such as improved selfassurance and flexibility.

Have faith in yourself

There should be no cause for you to be concerned if you have properly prepared. As a result, whenever you have a negative idea, strive to replace it with something good. This helps combatting your weaknesses and other challenges, let’s focus on how far have you reached and what success you have attained.

If you’re having trouble, talk about it and let others know

Seeking assistance has the potential to save a life in the most terrible situations hence don’t get embarrassed to seek help, hence speak out and voice out to your family or friends when you have trouble, surely they will comfort you get out of the situation you will be going through.



Reader's Corner

OLIVER TWIST by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens portrays ‘the tragic, but eventually rewarding’ life of a young, orphaned boy who struggled to find his place and live on amidst many adversities. The nove l spe aks of how unforgiving and cruel the London society of the day was towards the poor;  and also depicts the resultant criminal activities.

Our dear protagonist, a young boy by the name Oliver Twist, is honest and innocent, but unfortunately, poor. He was raised in a workhouse and then sold to a coffin-maker from where he escapes, only to land amidst a bunch of criminals who try to pull him into their gang. Such unfortunate fate seems to come to an end, but lurking in the shadows is a bigger challenge.Will Oliver overcome these hurdles and fare better or will he be stuck in the loop? A gripping story that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions while emphasising innocence and honesty is what our team suggests for this fortnight.

11.86% increase in budget for education sector

The budget allocation for the education sector in the country has seen a rise of 11.86% compared to the previous year. The education sector will be emphasising on Digital education and Skill development and the Govt has facilitated the same by allocating an increase of Rs 11054 Crores towards education.

The New Education Policy 2020 is hailed as a revolutionary decision in the Indian Education system, not only aiming to provide a better learning environment and essentials but also by drafting a new hierarchy best suited to empower the young minds with knowledge.

With the new policy and a significant increase in the investment, as well as the aim of the NEP to reinvent value-based education assisted by modern technologies, India looks forward to building a youth force that not only is educated but also skilled. This is, indeed, a welcome move towards achieving the goal.


News Corner

We are in midst of EdTech revolution

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