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Is psychological screening required for students before they get admitted to college?

A psychological test is one method of determining an individual’s psychological features as well as learning results, also it is an efficient and smooth assessment of a student’s conduct from which predictions about their future behavior or performance may be made.

The psychological test may be used to assess a student’s overall mental health in terms of their interests, intellect, strength and weak attributes, positive and negative traits, abilities and challenges and their comprehensive personality.

There is a set of predictions and calculations that are as accurate as feasible in this techno-progressivism period we live in, where we are progressing in globalisation, smart technology, and developing swiftly in the world economy for each and every area. Whether it’s weather forecasting, healthcare, science, politics, or finance, every field requires calculations and predictions to improve its success rate. Likewise, a psychological assessment may also be used to make estimates for students in terms of evaluating their interests, capacities, and other skills before they enter any stream of education.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of psychological testing before determining or inferring that it should be mandatory for students prior to admission to college.

Many students are perplexed about choosing the right degree courses because they are unsure about their future in terms of which field to choose to make the best career. They also fail to understand their strengths and abilities and to actually analyse which field would be the best fit for them.

In India, after graduating 10th grade, students must choose between Science, Commerce, and Arts, which are the most prevalent streams, and after qualifying with 12th grade, they must choose what sort of degree to pursue and construct their career. Both scenarios involve life-changing decisions that must be taken. This has occurred to most of us during our time as well, and it continues to happen to the majority of adolescents in the past and present. In this instance, getting screened with a psychological test can assist each student in choosing a subject that is useful to them and achieving a successful career.

Also, psychological testing in educational institutions allows for CBM – Curriculum – Based Measurement, which allows teachers and parents to track a student’s academic progress. This CBM is beneficial for teachers and parents to know about their student/ child’s progress as well as their field of interest. Teachers and parents may use the results to instruct and correct their students/children, as well as encourage them in choosing more productive paths, based on the outcome of the CBM – Curriculum – Based Measurement. In this approach, children are able to learn in a way that is suited for them and their surroundings.

Furthermore, psychological screening can aid in understanding one’s functionality, as well as other observation functions such as attentiveness, focus, and memory power. Additionally, the individual’s weaknesses can be identified, and corrective measures can be taken to rectify or boost their strengths in such a way that their weaknesses fade or compensate.

Provided the foregoing, experiencing a psychological screening for any student before admission to a college will not only assist in choosing the ideal vocation but will also help to eliminate the stress of a lifetime in which he or she will not be successful, therefore rescuing years together of unhappiness.

This Psychometric test that assesses the personality, behavior, and interests of individuals come handy when admitting students to college It gives insight on what actually a student is capable of and on what further decisions taken should be based on. Some of the major psychometric tests that can be used for this purpose include as below;

  • Interpersonal Relations and Adjustments
  • Memory Attention and Concentration
  • Personality
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Aptitude
  • IQ Assessment
  • Specific Learning Disability

As a result, it is essential for students to undergo psychological screening, before any college admission for their own good and long-term benefit.


Reader's Corner

‘THE LAST SONG’ by Nicholas Sparks

Mostly set in Wilmington, ‘The Last Song’ by Nicholas Sparks is a book that speaks about different dimensions of love. Ronnie is heartbroken when she learns that her parents would divorce and when it happens she starts alienating herself from both of them, especially her father.

One summer, her mother insists that she (Ronnie) and her little, 10-year old brother, Jonah, spend the holidays with her father. Ronnie’s father was a former concert pianist who now lives a quiet life in Wilmington, engaging himself in creating the centrepiece for the local church. Jonah is quite excited about spending the summer with his father whereas Ronnie is irked.

However, as the story unfolds things change. Ronnie experiences a change of heart. The myriad forms of love are well depicted in the novel. We recommend reading this book that demonstrates “the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts… or heal them.”


With ‘Vedas to Metaverse’ as the central theme, the Union Ministry of Education and Skill Development’s tableau in the 73rd Republic Day Parade , demonstrated the development of the Indian education system through the ages and the future prospects that it embodies in terms of science and technology.

The State Minister of Education, Dr Subhash Sarkar tweeted that, “From Vedas to metaverse, the Indian education system is bridging the past with the present and creating a new future embracing technology.”

The tableau also highlighted the important elements of the National Education Policy, throwing light on the foundation of the education system in the ancient days. It aimed at spreading the message that education is not only about enriching one’s knowledge but also finding a way of liberating oneself


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