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Issue 14

Benefits of ERP for Educational Institutions

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a software solution that helps automate and manage many of the processes and tasks in a company’s/ organization’s/ institution’s day-to-day operations.

When it comes to educational institutions, it eases the stress and burden of managing all of the activities that must be completed at the facility. Furthermore, when educational institutions implement ERP effectively, may expect a higher return on investment in terms of money, effort, and reputation.

As a result, a growing number  of educational institutions are automating many of their operations.

Let’s take a closer look at the ERP bene fits for educational institutions.

Admission Processes Simplified 

Admission processes in any educational institutions can be a long and cumbersome process when performed manually, each application
includes a variety of details about the individual, such as their date of birth, grades, specialism, and more. When an ERP system replaces a manual system, the ERP shows all of the required components in one location, making them conveniently available to the administrator and speeding up the accreditation process.

Automation of the fee payments 

Fee collecting is a crucial function in every educational institution, but it may be a timeconsuming task for administrators if done manually. An ERP system automates this tedious human job, making fee collection more convenient and less exhausting. The programme automatically categorizes the fees collected and monitors all of the components in the fee structure, including amounts paid for tuition, entrance, books, labs etc. Additionally, the software solution provides automatic notifications to guarantee that students or their parents are contacted on time and in the most suitable manner.

Data Management in a Centralized Model

Educational institutions must keep a large quantity of data regarding students, books, test schedules, lesson plans, and other information and how can this be tracked or maintain up to date information in a manual process? There comes ERP solution as a savior and unifies the whole campus as well as all of the branches into a single system, making data administration a breeze. The programme allows various departments to share stored data in order to keep instructors, staff, and students informed about critical news. You’ll have better control over internal
and external communication in your organization, and you’ll never have a communication breakdown this way.

Cost Effectiveness

ERP may minimize the number of man hours required to complete all of an educational institute’s operational procedures, resulting in significant cost savings. Thus cost effectiveness of ERP installation is one of the noticeable benefits.

Quicker & efficient management procedure

Students, staff, schedules, examinations, admissions, fees, reporting, and other information are all easily accessible through an education ERP system. This allows management to think about and evaluate numerous parts of the institution more quickly, resulting in increased planning skills. Through strategic data analysis, greater data availability also aids wellinformed decision-making.

Data Security

Any educational Institute should maintain the data and documents of each and every student which becomes so huge, also maintaining them physically in storage rooms would not be secure where as in ERP software vast amount of data can be stored safely, also the software will be
implemented with a backup system for preserving data, which is very hard to achieve when data is saved in files.


Reader's Corner

‘AS YOU LIKE IT’ by William Shakespeare

“All the world’s a stage And all the men and women merely players;”
A tale of love between A pastoral comedy written by the greatest of all time – William Shakespeare – ‘As You Like It’ follows Rosalind, in her exile along with her cousin Celia and the court jester Touchstone to the Forest of Arden. Orlando, the youngest son of a noble Sir Rowland de Boys, is also driven to the forest, disappointed by his eldest brother’s hatred towards him. There they come across Duke Frederick and his courtmen, and of course, the philosopher – Jacques.

A tale of love between Rosalind and Orlando, the play presents many comic , philosophical as well as swoonworthy moments that’d keep you hooked up to the last page. Orlando’s pursuit of Rosalind and Rosalind’s disguise as a man by the name Ganymede, her test of Orlando’s sincerity, Orlando’s sincere, innocent love for her as well as the witty, comical arguments coupled with the above-mentioned lines from Jacques makes this play a great read.


In the realm of education, Ireland and India will work together cross-border.
The programme aims to address India’s primary educational objectives, since both countries have a same goal of making world-class inclusive to all.

Irish Minister Robert Troy, visited the North Campus of Delhi University on Tuesday and said, “The cross-border collaborations are a revolution in the higher education industry and this partnership will not only boost India-Ireland’s bilateral relationship but also create a fine talent that will lead innovation for a sustainable tomorrow.

During the discussion, delegates from both sides submitted

several proposals for what may make up the components of future agreements that would improve the partnership even more.
Sources suggest that it was a good exchange of healthy discussions between Robert Troy and Yogesh Singh (current Vice Chancellor of DU) and Mr. Yogesh Singh has also told that this cross – border collabaryions are a revolution in the
higher education industry and this partnership will not only boost IndiaIreland’s bilateral relationship but also create a fine talent that will lead innovation for a sustainable tomorrow.
This  cross – border partnership will undoubtedly benefit future youngsters in terms of education.


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We are in midst of EdTech revolution

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