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How eGenius’ ERP would help in the attendance management in institutions

In a competitive world where working hours are rising and class time is shrinking, school faculty need edTech solutions that can assist them in effectively managing class time. Instead of focusing on teaching, faculty members are routinely tasked with carrying out formal duties, including taking daily attendance of students. Daily attendance recording requires the teachers to work hard and takes up unnecessary class time when done physically. Let’s dive into how eGenius’ attendance management can help institutions with daily productivity.

To streamline processes like attendance and get over unproductive work processes, there are many tools for schools’ software. An online attendance management system is one of these, created to automatically track daily attendance in schools. With an accurate time and attendance monitoring system, you may measure attendance more precisely. The daily attendance, working hours, log in and logout times are all recorded by the attendance management system.

eGenius provides three options for carrying out automated attendance recording:

  • School App
  • RFID or LF 
  • UHF ID
  • Biometrics

School App 

The goal of this simple online attendance app is to track student attendance and make communication between parents and teachers easier when on the road. Both desktop computers and mobile devices that support the web can use it without any issues.

How does it function?

Teachers record and note students’ attendance using the app. The school app automatically notifies parents of their child’s absence. Students are consequently guaranteed security and safety. The faculty has the option to submit leave requests in advance of the date of the leave.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Low Frequency (LF) are the most popular technologies for automating attendance. With the aid of a unique identity card issued to each user, the attendance is recorded when it is handed to the reader device.

How does it function?

Each student is provided with a unique RFID card. These unique cards contain a chip that houses student information. Then, in order to record attendance and keep track of logins and logouts, students must swipe the Tag in front of the RFID reader. The software immediately retrieves the data from the RFID reader and shows real-time attendance. As a result, the student attendance information is available in the school attendance app. 


A UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) based long-range high-frequency attendance system can detect students up to a few meters away. The walls at the entrance are mounted with UHF ID readers. The student’s ID card has a UHF card implanted in it that tracks their unique IDs and keeps track of their attendance.

How does it function?

Students pass past the mounted UHF reader, and the cloud stores their attendance information. The faculty then has access to this attendance through the server’s attendance report. The UHF reader can detect up to a range of 10-15 meters and works on near-field communication(NFC) technology. 


The biometric-based attendance management system places special emphasis on things like face and fingerprint identification. It is a practical online attendance solution that saves time and effort. Only authenticated attendance will be recorded because these are personalized for the individual to whom they belong. 

How does it function?

The fingerprints of each student and member of the faculty are stored in the system’s integrated biometric system. They only need to place their finger on the biometric, and their attendance will be recorded when it has been verified against the original fingerprint input that is saved in the system. Face recognition analyses and processes the identification by using a camera to recognize facial traits. The management may access, view, and control the student data from the biometrics in real-time that the ERP software has fetched.

Advantages of Using eGenius’ Attendance Management System Software

For educational institutions, attendance management software has been a blessing. The attendance management system is, in a word, practical, accurate, and effective.

  • The user interface (UI) is very easy to use, and the data storage and representation are both safe. This makes it easier for the user to use the system effectively.
  • Reports are crucial because the information they include influences decisions. It is simple to generate reports, including those that detail attendance by student, day, class, month, and much more. Standard or customized reports are quickly generated and displayed in a user-friendly format.
  • The digitalization of storage will safeguard data against manipulation and harm. It is capable of storing an infinite number of student or teacher attendance records. This information is always accessible.
  • Automating attendance allows for a reduction in workload, precise results, and the eradication of errors.

eGenius can help institutions with robust Attendance management systems. We offer a variety of solutions, and more than 300 institutions have already benefited from them. Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page if you represent a college, school, or PU and would like to see a free demonstration of our services.