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Set around two typical Indian households’ rivalry over a marriage, ‘Gently Falls The Bakula’ by Sudha Murthy offers a lot of insights into and questions to ponder upon to the readers as they read on. 

The book tells the journey of a brilliant, beautiful, and free-spirited girl who falls in love with an equally intelligent and charming man, Shreekanth. However, these two neighborhood sweethearts are held back by the age-old rivalry between their families. However, their determination and insistence on loving each other despite everything eventually solves the problem.

But then, as the story progresses, we realize that the main attraction here is not this rivalry but the freedom that our free-spirited female lead yearns for. We see that, despite being a very promising history scholar with numerous opportunities to soar high, she is confined within the four walls of her in-laws’ home.

Will she deem it enough to perform her obligations as a married woman while watching her dreams wither away? Or will she take a stand for her dreams and find the courage to fly again? What would you have done? And what did she do?

Indulge yourself in this beautiful journey presented by Sudha Murthy to know more.