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1984 by George Orwell


As absurd as these lines seem to be, they reflect the whole idea that this masterpiece by George Orwell stands against – Totalitarianism. 

A Dystopian novel, 1984 speaks of how dangerously distorted politics can be. Your every move is monitored and it is no secret. Your thoughts and expression are limited and you can only accept it. Living in constant fear of ‘vaporising’ any other day just because you said a word more is an accepted norm. For a moment you will digest the idea of the telescreen, the Newspeak, the whole routine, and later, only fear it.

Your way of life is as mechanical as it could ever be. And when you, just like Winston Smith, try to escape the norm – are brought to some scary place they call Room 101 and tormented until you accept that the leader they call ‘BIG BROTHER’ is omnipotent and all that he does to you is to ensure that you live a good ‘life’.

You know that is not true, yet, all you can do is go on, just like you do every day, because ‘BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!’