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Utilities @filmyscoop September 29, 2021


As said, quality education is not merely dependent on the curriculum but also the environment that is guaranteed to the learners. Not only study materials, but the campus infrastructure with enough amenities conducive for both academic and social exchange becomes important to realize this need.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management

  • Hostel management is made easier with eGenius as follows:
  • eGenius is a portal like none before that aids you to get it all done at one place, with one click.

Transportation Management

  • Manage the records of all the transportation facilities availed within, of and for the institution across campuses with ease
  • The eGenius portal is a one-stop destination to record and review this
  • Makes prolonged tracking tasks easier and also ensures safety and security of the students.
transport management
Canteen Food


  • Canteens are a hub of endless cheerfulness within the campus and are also a major source of income.
  • From the food to the environment everything here needs to be handled with care.
  • eGenius is meant to make it happen. From your canteen billings to maintenance of service providers therein, we aid you to get it all done with ease.

Library Management

  • The knowledge at your fingertips is no more just a saying.
  • eGenius assures you to provide all that a library does under one digital infrastructure.
  • Through our portal, the entire institution’s library is integrated and given to you.
  • Read and reread till it quenches your thirst for knowledge – anywhere, anytime!
Library Management icon


  • Stationery store(s) within the campus are also one of the most sought-after places in the campuses.
  • Often these places are crowded and difficult to manage, especially so when students with various wants surge into them.
  • With eGenius, you can get rid of these complications and easily manage the transactions.
  • Keeping track of all the items available and the ones that are sold at what price can be easily recorded for review and reference with our portal.

Document Management

  • Aids you in compiling and storing securely all the important records, receipts and documents digitally
  • Ensuring regular backups of the same to a trusted server to avoid misplacement, loss or misinterpretation of such data
  • Crucial for upholding the transparency, accountability and enhancing quality of management.
Document Management
Visitors Management

Visitors Management

  • Educational institutions are a hub of various academic, cultural, educational and sports activities.
  • Often, renowned resource persons are invited over to these humble abodes of knowledge for such events.
  • With eGenius portal, the details of the events, the resource persons or visitors can be recorded accurately.
  • Also aids you to record students’ visitors at the institution and concerned hostels ensuring students’ safety.


  • With eGenius, easily track all your needs and necessities
  • Aids you in creation and maintenance of records as to what thing in what quantity is available in and required for in your campus.
  • You’d no more need to dread over making long lists and repeated counting!