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Educational institutions mark their presence by the outstanding knowledge-exchange experience that they provide to students. This is possible only when the institution is able to firmly establish not only its identity and values but also able to map out what it can provide to learners better than any other educational set up can.
Define Institute Organisation

Define Institute/Organisation

  • From managing your websites and other digital infrastructure and in aiding you overcome the day-to-day primary challenges faced by the management, administration, staff, students and parents, the CAAS platform developed by eGenius not only aids in easing the process within but also acts as a game changer for it. It will prove to be a strong identifier for the institution and would absolutely better define the prospects of the same.

Academic Year Set-up

  • eGenius also aids you in proper planning and execution of the academic year concerned and all other configurations related to the same.
  • Further our portal also helps with the planning, execution and management of the fiscal aspects throughout the financial year, as well.
Academic Year Set-up