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Financial Section @filmyscoop September 29, 2021

Financial Section

Managing finances has never been easier as it is with eGenius portal. From collection of admission fee to penalties for misbehaviour, eGenius helps you to keep track of the flow of money within the institution.

Fee Income

Fee Income

  • With eGenius the hectic and complex task of fee collection from students throughout the academic year is simplified
  • Our portal aids to duly record the fee transactions for any future reference.
  • From Admission fee to penalties, all your credits can be managed through this safe and secure digital platform.


  • Track and approve all your big budget transactions through our customized tool.
  • eGenius provides you a simplified solution to the hectic processes of approving large-scale transactions.
  • Moreover, it is a certified secure and safe gateway for the same.


  • Manage all your expenses easily with our CAAS portal.
  • All your debits for various purposes across academic years will be promptly documented for review and reference.
  • Institutions have to incur a lot of expenses while running various education and related activities across the year.
  • eGenius serves you an easy and secure way to track all your debits for various purposes across academic years.
  • With our CAAS portal manage all your expenses, easily, promptly and securely for review and reference.

Statement of Accounts

  • The eGenius CAAS platform also gives you a comprehensive overview of all your incomes and expenditure.
  • It tracks all your transactions and the same is recorded securely in the system.
  • Only authorised persons will be given access to this data.
  • Proven to be a very beneficial step as far as finance management is concerned.
Statement of Accounts