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Demography refers to records of the data compiled about specific groups of people. eGenius, as a Campus and Academic Automation System helps you to map the data pertaining to various groups of participants involved with your institution, majorly constituting information such as their name, age, gender, etc. that are required for various education and related purposes. Our services as concerned with demography can be enlisted as shown below.

student demography

Student Demography

  • Compile, process and upload student data on our portal
  • Data stored securely while student confidentiality is maintained,
  • Easy to review and refer as and when required.
  • Access given to concerned, relevant authorities.
  • Students as well as the authorities can have access to this data securely.

Staff Demography

  • Under staff demography, we maintain a detailed record of all teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Details included: name, credentials, qualifications, experience, etc.
  • Responsibilities that they are expected to handle are also included.
  • Data can be integrated under our portal and can be easily retrieved whenever and wherever required.
management demograph

Management Demography

  • Integration of all the important data concerning the management and the processes.
  • Becomes easier for the institution to function more smoothly and transparently.
  • All the relevant information related to members of the management such as their designations and roles are aptly recorded.

Alumni Demography

  • To an institution, the students who previously happened to study there are recognized as their pride.
  • Illuminating achievements of alumni and setting them as examples, the students will be motivated to do more.
  • Crucial for all institutions as at any point of time in future, any reference pertaining to the student will be sought through the school.
  • This gives a suiting and authentic citation and securely stores the data for review.
pre admission


  • This feature enables those who are seeking to enroll into a course that is availed in your institution to look into it through college gateway websites.
  • Course aspirants can redirect to your site and view more details about the required course and facilities provided.
  • Here we map about who, when, where and for what course did refer to your institution.
  • We request and retain the information regarding such visitors for your further reference.