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CSTR @filmyscoop September 29, 2021


CSTR stands for Class, Teacher, Subject and Room (classroom infrastructure) and deals with configuration of these into one map. In educational institutions, providing apt environment facilitating learning becomes possible only the aforementioned elements are properly allocated for realizing the same.

Teacher subject mapping

Class Configuration

  • Here, eGenius strives to put analyse and gather a set of students that should better perform when put together.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean that high-scoring students are put into classes based on their scores (unless the institution specifies for the same).
  • Aids to blend students together in such a way that they aid each other’s learning and promote unity in diversity.

Subject Configuration

  • Subject configuration deals with selection of subjects according to curriculum provided (or even in absence of that)
  • Assures that students and teachers concerned can go through the learning process with ease.
  • It also ensures that students are neither left without nor are they overburdened with the syllabus and assessments allotted to them.
subject configuration
Class room configuration

Class-Room Configuration

  • Class configuration majorly involves the following process
  • The entire process is carried out based on the data compiled.
  • Done to ensure a healthy learning environment devoid of crowding or extremities.

Teacher Subject Mapping

  • Teacher-Subject mapping is wherein the subjects are fairly allocated to the teachers available within the institution
  • Undertaken based on their qualifications for and experience in teaching
  • Ensures that neither of the parties involved in the knowledge transaction is deceived of opportunities to progress.
Teacher subject mapping