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Certificates @filmyscoop September 29, 2021


Certificates are given in recognition of the exceptional behavior shown by any individual. In an educational setting, transfer and study certificates are also regarded as proof of conduct and expertise of the students concerned. These certificates are instrumental in securing seats for further education, as well.
Study Certificate Generation

Study Certificate Generation

  • Study Certificate is a crucial document required for students to proceed with further education
  • Mainly functions as a proof for the students’ academic pursuit in the said institution.
  • Usually, these study certificates are issued offline after completion of lengthy and repetitive procedures.
  • With eGenius portal students can apply for and avail study certificates with ease within a short period of time.

Transfer Certificate Generation

  • The Transfer Certificate also plays an important role in admission for further studies.
  • The traditional way of application for TCs are lengthy and often they are issued only in personal presence after a particular period of time is lapsed after application.
  • This timelapse can be nulled and students can apply for the TCs online and avail them through suitable modes with our eGenius CAAS platform.
Transfer Certificate Generation